Executive Assistant + Practice Manager to the CEO


As the Executive Assistant + Practice Manager to the CEO, you are essential to MT+Co. management and the leadership team. You will be part of the big picture discussions about the present and future of the firm and will be responsible for helping the CEO and leadership team implement our vision.

You will be in a hybrid role supporting our CEO with the day-to-day running of the firm as well as his ongoing legal practice. As such, you will be comfortable with (and excited about) context switching between different projects and tasks. You will keep the CEO and his teams organized, informed, and prepared for anything that comes their way.

As the Executive Assistant to the CEO, you will be working closely with the CEO to support him and his role on the Management Team, the Board, and the Business Operations and Leadership Team (BOLT). You will be responsible for keeping track of all the moving parts by being a key member to these teams, coordinating workflows, tracking outstanding deliverables and documents, and generally helping us stay on top of our commitments. You’ll also get to flex your creativity and problem-solving skills in business activities beyond client service, such as firm strategic planning and continuous improvement projects.

By being the CEO’s “right-hand person”, you enable him and his teams to advance firm initiatives and goals. You attend to the day-to-day functions that are part of the CEO’s role so that he can focus on the high-level leadership and strategy functions.

We call our legal assistants “Practice Managers” to signal the elevated level of ownership they take in supporting the team’s success. As a Practice Manager, you will be deeply integrated into our legal files, helping to coordinate the bigger picture and support client care by participating in client meetings, transaction calls, and logistics planning with internal teams. Our Practice Managers have a full seat at the table, and we wouldn’t have it (or survive) any other way.

Our firm is supportive of hybrid remote work, but your role will require in-person attendance for various tasks and meetings. You will be expected to work with the CEO to identify a schedule of in-person attendance that works for both of you.

The CEO has done work to identify the types of “working genius” that best support him. You
should embody the following traits:


The Genius of Enablement involves answering the call to action and seamlessly
providing others with the unconditional support and assistance they need. People
with this genius get energy and joy from providing others with the support they
need to get something started, and by providing the human glue required to hold
it together. Even though people with Enablement are often ideal team members,
they sometimes discount the importance of their genius, mistakenly believing that
they are simply amenable or “nice.” The benefits of this genius include higher
morale and greater interpersonal appreciation and support.


The Genius of Tenacity is about execution. It involves getting things done, achieving
results, and realizing the desired impact of a task or project. People with Tenacity
derive real joy and energy from crossing tasks off a list and knowing that they met
the standards for completion. They are also comfortable pushing through obstacles.
The benefits of this genius revolve around making sure that goals are met and
projects are completed on time, even when inevitable problems surface.


Training and other support will be provided to get your skills up to speed, but these are
generally the traits you will embody naturally:

  • Confident: You communicate confidently and candidly. You are comfortable asking for what
    you need, suggesting better ways of doing things, and holding people accountable to
    following processes and delivering results.
  • High Performing: You are disciplined and take responsibility for your outcomes. You like to
    have everything under control, so you’re proactively “one step ahead” and take ownership of
    moving things forward as much as you possibly can. You’ve got an eye for continuous
    improvement, and the drive to plan and execute it.
  • Supportive: You enjoy taking care of others by providing excellent service. You like to
    empower other people’s performance by building systems, documenting processes, and
    proactively anticipating their needs. Your empathy helps you think critically about the client
    and colleague experience.
  • Curious: You’re eager to learn and get excited about figuring out new things. You seek out
    your own learning opportunities and take time to understand the bigger picture of whatever it
    is that you’re working on.
  • Detail-Oriented: You’re a details person, and can proofread like a pro. You have an eye for
    design and take pride in making things look nice, while also knowing when to prioritize
    “function over fashion”. You thrive on precision and administrative excellence.
  • Flexible: You’re good at dealing with change and can gracefully “roll with the punches”
    when things get a bit messy. You handle stress well, assume positive intentions in others,
    and step up to the plate when your colleagues need a helping hand.
  • Tech-Obsessed: You get a thrill out of working smarter instead of harder. You like to
    master your tech tools (while patiently helping others do the same) and are excited about
    the potential of automation in the workplace. You’re always on the hunt for technology that
    makes your life easier.


Ideally you are a graduate of a Legal Administrative Assistant program with 3+ years’
experience as an Executive Assistant or experience in a similar role. Experience working in a
law firm is required.


While our firm is constantly evolving (and flexibility is key), as of right now the duties of this role
generally include:

Executive Support

  • work directly with the CEO in-person and virtually to support all aspects of his daily work
  • routine
  • be the primary coordinator/ integrator for the Management Team, Business Operations and
    Leadership Team and the Board
    • schedule, coordinate, and attend all meetings to support management and BOLT
      functions, initiatives, and projects
    • coordinate meeting agendas for Management Team, BOLT, and the Board
    • project management for Firm strategic priorities
    • taking and distributing meeting minutes and managing action items from
      management meetings and BOLT meetings
    • assist with the overall goal of improving communication of Management and/or
      matters to the firm
  • review, file, and prioritize emails, and respond when necessary
  • screen and direct phone calls and emails; distribute correspondence accordingly
  • determine priority of matters of attention for the CEO; redirect matters to an internal team to
    handle, or handle matters personally, as appropriate
  • manage calendar and scheduling client, internal and external meetings, exercise discretion
    in committing time and evaluating needs
  • liaise with advisors, bankers and managers across the CEO’s holding companies
  • act as the point of contact between the CEO and the firm’s clients and internal team
  • maintain confidential and sensitive information
  • manage information flow and distribution in a timely and accurate manner
  • keep the CEO advised of time-sensitive and priority issues, ensuring appropriate follow-up
  • routinely perform a wide variety of support duties
  • make travel and accommodation arrangements
  • prepare, reconcile, and submit expenses monthly
  • assist with preparing reports and presentations
  • complete special projects as directed

Legal Support

  • attend client meetings with the CEO; coordinate work and manage next steps between
  • clients and internal team
  • manage client and file information and coordinate tasks with internal team
  • prepare letters relating to routine correspondence for the CEO’s signature
  • manage onboarding of new clients, including client intake process
  • various admin support on business transactions and closing matters
  • managing client/file information
  • revise documents based on lawyer markups
  • assist with preparing client budgets and proposals
  • format and proofread documents
  • track and follow up on outstanding deliverables and client signatures
  • attend to ad hoc client requests

Team Organization

  • proactively thinking about and preparing “next steps” for the team
  • hold the team accountable to following procedures
  • create and improve processes to streamline workflows


Please send a resume and a brief statement describing why this particular role speaks to you to
Natalia Yan at people@millertiterle.com.

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