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Sowgol Torani is our parental-leave coverage on our Bean Team, and are we ever glad she joined MT+Co.!

Sowgol seamlessly stepped into her role with an energetic spirit, despite being buried in spreadsheets all day. She combines her analytical approach and playful sense of humour to keep MT+Co. on track and focused on all aspects of finance.

Why MT+Co.?

“After several years working for a real estate developer, I was interested in exploring a new industry. But what was most important in finding a job was that the culture, vibe and values of the new company align with my personal beliefs. And that is how I came to find MT+Co.!

Everyone I met along the way has been easy to talk to, super friendly, and all around good people. The attitude is always that the team comes first and there is always a group effort. As a result of this approach, creativity and diversity are embraced and celebrated. I’m happy to be working in such a progressive company.”


Sowgol received her Certified Management Accountant designation in 2013 and brings over 10+ years of accounting experience. She has previously worked in the hospitality and real estate industries, and was a subject matter expert in implementing and rolling out company-wide accounting software – a 4-year project of which she was involved from inception.


  • Bachelors of Arts, University of British Columbia
  • Diploma in Accounting, University of British Columbia
  • Social Chair and New Member Education VP, Gamma Phi Beta, University of British Columbia
  • Fluent in Persian
  • Participant, Covenant House Sleep Out: Young Professionals edition, 2017
  • Volunteer, The Nature Trust of BC: Earth, Wind, Fire event

Worth Noting

Sowgol has run several half marathons, but had an unconventional first run. Instead of the standard race prep, she ran on a whim the day after some day drinking and only having run a maximum of 13km beforehand.

Sowgol is a world traveller and has set foot in 19 countries. But that doesn’t beat her wedding attendance. She has been to over 30 weddings; at 8 of which she was in the bridal party.

On her way to and from work every day (and maybe when she’s on her way to the Island to visit her nephews), you will catch Sowgol consumed by her true crime podcasts. Sowgol was raised in the North Shore before she recently moved to East Van. However, she was born in California and then relocated to Vancouver before she was 12 months old.


+I’m not a lawyer, I just count the beans.