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Our Advantage: Resources + Major Projects

Our expertise in the forestry, energy and mining industries was what attracted our first major clients when we started our law firm and much of our work since has been focused on working with resource companies in British Columbia’s north.

In many ways, our northern natural resources law practice is what grounds our firm. We have insight into the north that most law firms do not. We are equally comfortable negotiating deals in the financial district of Vancouver and having our boots on the ground in Fort St. James.

The focus of our Resources + Major Projects group is to help our clients build and operate large-scale projects in a responsible manner, thereby creating employment, supporting families and growing communities. We are excited to work with companies that are helping to build British Columbia. We love seeing a project take shape and take great pride in knowing that we had a hand in making it possible.

Our Advantage

Four key factors distinguish our Resources + Major Projects group from the status quo:

1. We work for resource and infrastructure developers, First Nations, lenders and government.

This means that we understand the unique considerations and motivations of all parties involved in resource and infrastructure development – allowing us to provide more balanced advice, particularly in respect of issues relating to permitting, social licence and financing.

2. We are not simply commercial lawyers.

While our experienced commercial lawyers have worked on some of the larger natural resource and infrastructure transactions in the country, we also understand the regulation of resources on the ground. That means, in addition to general business transactions, that we are also able to provide advice on permitting, tenure, title, environmental and development process issues.

3. We understand social responsibility.

As resources become scarcer, the implications of exploiting our resources are becoming more complicated and controversial – increasing the risks involved in major resource projects.

Our understanding of social responsibility is key to our success. We help clients deal with the environmental and community responsibilities of resource and infrastructure projects without sacrificing the economic viability of the projects. We understand what it means for a project to build social license.

First Nations are perhaps the most important stakeholder in the future of resource development in Canada, and we understand development from their perspective better than any other commercial law firm. We help get creative deals done with First Nations’ communities.

4. We are recognized as leading practitioners.

MT+Co. co-founder Rob Miller has been consistently recognized as a leading Canadian lawyer in the area of Aboriginal law. More recently, Rob was named in the 2016 L’Expert Directory as a leading practitioner in the area of Aboriginal law and the 2016 Best Lawyers in Canada Directory as a leading practitioner in the areas of Aboriginal law and natural resource law.

Our other co-founder, Jim Titerle, has been recognized as a leading Canadian lawyer in the area of environmental law for many years. Jim was named in the 2016 L’Expert Directory and the 2016 Best Lawyers in Canada Directory as a leading practitioner in the area of environmental law and in the 2015 Best Lawyers in Canada directory as the Lawyer of the Year for Vancouver in the area of environmental law.

This unique blend of our vision, approach and expertise sets our legal practice apart from other service providers. To discuss what our law firm can help you achieve, please contact Jim Titerle, group leader.