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Beer Pong, Birthdays and Babies

By Kendra - April 1, 2015 under MT+Co.

This past Friday we had cause for celebration in our Gastown pong

First, it was Brian Vick’s birthday party (40 again). When our game-loving coworker returned to the office after closing a complicated deal we surprised him with a beer pong tournament (AKA “Beirut”).

Five teams battled it out in an action-packed round-robin tourney that saw Leslie’s ball tossing skills improve exponentially with beer consumption, and our sole spectator – Dylan the Lab – chew two of the balls to pieces in excitement.

Brian decided that he loved beer pong so much that going forward we should have regular 20-minute stress-releasing “Beirut Time” breaks at work. Or at the very least, break out the beer pong to celebrate ALL birthdays in the office. Who needs cake?

Second, while we were partying, Jennifer Yong was at home casually birthing her third child. The baby girl is healthy and enjoying the attention of her big sister and brother. A big congrats to Jen and her family!

Check our Instagram feed for photos.