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We’re Hiring: Associate Lawyer

By Natalie Foley - March 14, 2016 under Business Advisory, First Nations, MT+Co.

As of May 16, 2016, this position has been filled. We thank all applicants for their interest and their time.

Associate Lawyer: First Nations Economic Development and Business Advisory

Miller Titerle + Company is a group of forward-thinking professionals committed to a more passionate and personal way of practicing law.  Our high-growth business is recognized for rethinking the delivery of legal services and for expertise in our chosen fields.

We strive to achieve balance between hard work and maintaining our kick-ass culture.  We seek passionate people who believe in their work and are proud of what they do for a career.  We actively pursue clients who share our values so that we can be proud of what our clients are trying to accomplish. Life is too short to spend time working with people that we don’t believe in or enjoy.


As a talented associate with 4+ years of experience, you will work primarily with our First Nations Economic Development and Business Advisory groups.

You are expected to have:

  • excellent academic credentials;
  • exceptional people skills;
  • a strong background in business and commercial law;
  • significant experience in Aboriginal and resource law;
  • familiarity with on- and off-reserve property law; and
  • glowing references from people who have reported to you in the past (to demonstrate consistent treatment of everyone with respect) and from clients (to demonstrate commitment to value and high level people skills).

We view all these things as table stakes – you need to have them to play with us.


Beyond these basics, we will consider candidates based on how they demonstrate commitment to the things that we value the most:

  • Culture – it is a virtuous circle. Happy, engaged and interesting people deliver better value and service to our clients; who in turn give us great work we believe in; which helps keep us happy, engaged and interested.
  • People – we like each other. We leave our egos at the door. We are respectful, collaborative, energetic, fun and open-minded.
  • Curiosity – what we are doing has been done before, but not like this. The future is ours to write if we are willing to execute ambitious visions – but first we need to learn and let that learning shape our visions.
  • Innovation – we get excited about growth, take intelligent risks, make decisions quickly and learn from our mistakes. Our motto is “f*ck the status quo” because we know the status quo is often broken.
  • Execution – take it and run with it. Excuses are like law degrees – all lawyers have them but they won’t get you any respect here. Getting stuff done will.


If you have the table stakes, and if you get excited about our vision, we want to talk to you.  To apply please send your application by email as one single PDF file to Natalie Foley via e-mail.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.