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We’re Hiring! | Corporate Commercial Lawyer (Mid to Senior Level)

By MT+Co. - February 23, 2022

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We are a group of forward-thinking lawyers and professionals who have built a progressive business law firm based on a more passionate and personal way of practicing law. But what really makes us different? We challenge the legal status quo by constantly questioning traditional practices and pushing ourselves to do better. Our innovative practices include different ways of billing clients, working with clients, using technology to provide better service, and creating non-traditional roles and responsibilities for legal and non-legal staff.

We promise our clients value instead of billable hours. And we go even further – we guarantee it by letting our clients pay their bills based on what they perceive the value of our services to be. We believe clients should like their lawyers, and we believe that everyone in the firm should like each other. This means we seek out exceptional and affable individuals. We don’t hire assholes.

We seek clients we believe in and we are passionate about the type of work we do. Life is too short to spend time working with people who don’t share our values or doing things we don’t enjoy.

What do we offer?

We value our relationship with our staff and want the opportunity to lay a foundation on which you can build a successful career. We want to surround ourselves with people who are engaged, honest, and confident enough in their quest to support ours. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that you develop as a member of the firm and the legal community. We make every effort to accommodate you so that you can gain experience in the areas that interest you. We encourage you to be involved in all aspects of the firm.

We are a young firm that is growing quickly and there are times when there’s a job that needs doing and there’s no one to do it; we appreciate people who are willing, even enthusiastic, to step up and work hard. There is always going to be “grunt work” but we hope to work with people who challenge the current system, take a risk and find a better way to solve a problem and take nothing at face value.

Who are we looking for?

MT+Co. is a law firm focused on business law, Indigenous law, and litigation that strives to achieve a balance between rigorous financial accountability and a kick-ass culture.

We look for curiosity and innovation. We welcome those who are looking for something more than a traditional law firm. Diverse personalities help keep our lives exciting and entertaining. We look for people who are comfortable in a group setting, are not afraid to speak up and be heard, and who thrive on collaboration (as opposed to competition). This doesn’t mean we are only seeking extroverts; many of us are introverts who just happen to like each other’s company. We also look for people who have a strong work ethic. We like to enjoy ourselves around the office (or while all working remotely during a global pandemic) and are a lot more informal than many other firms, but we firmly believe that giving our clients the best value often means busting our asses to get them the best advice and service when they need it. In other words, while we are a culture of fun, we are also a culture of performance.

We are hoping to welcome a business lawyer with over six years of experience to work with our Business Law + Transactions Group as well as provide corporate and commercial support to our Indigenous Law Group. All candidates are expected to have exceptional people skills; a strong background in corporate and commercial law, including commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and/or financing transactions; ideally (although not required) some familiarity with Indigenous business-related legal issues; and glowing references from people to whom you have reported to and who have reported to you in the past (to demonstrate consistent treatment of everyone with respect) and from clients (to demonstrate commitment to value and high-level people skills).

We are a values-based organization. Our Core Values and Team Building Blocks define us and inform our hiring decisions. We will consider candidates based on how they demonstrate alignment with our Team Building Blocks:


We are non-reactive, balanced, patient, and handle things as they come. We are open-minded, have faith in humanity, trust others, and assume positive intentions (without being negligent). We take care of ourselves so that we are in a position to take care of others.

Problem Solver

We show up as strategists and problem-solvers – for ourselves and for our clients. This means we are curious, creative and always think of the big picture. We embrace difficult problems as opportunities to get better and challenges to be met.

Grateful + Positive

We create the space for people to be happy and content by identifying the good in all situations, building people and teams up, being positive, and proactively expressing gratitude.

Owner Mindset

We believe we control our destiny by the work we put in and that the only way to get better is to push the firm/ ourselves out of our comfort zones. We all contribute to our growth in different ways – some of us are entrepreneurial hustlers; others of us prefer to stay at home and build things or perfect processes. What we have in common is that we all actively seek growth (personal and professional) and make impactful contributions to our business. We make bold moves and take smart risks that others would not. We are passionate about our MT+Co., are emotionally invested, and are proud of our brand.

Authentic + Equitable

We are self-aware and know who we are. We are confident and show up as our whole self. At the same time, we realize that authenticity and equity are two sides of the same coin, so we make space for others to be authentic and show up as their whole self. That means we are open and accepting, and we strive for a more equitable workplace and more equitable society.

Teams Not Egos

We build teams, not egos. We honour our collective responsibility to each other and are dependable and reliable. We recognize that our strength comes from the collective and we build each other up – both through our words and through our actions (like mentorship). We treat each other as equals and with respect; we don’t tolerate social hierarchy. “Teams not Egos” above all else requires us to be compassionate and empathetic.

Are we right for you? Apply now!

If you have the table stakes, and if you get excited about our vision, we want to talk to you.

Apply via email with your CV and cover letter to: We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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