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We’re Hiring – Project Manager (Corporate Commercial + Annual Maintenance)

By Natalie Leon - March 1, 2019 under Business Advisory, Mergers, Acquisitions + Financing, MT+Co.

We are a group of forward-thinking professionals who have built a progressive business law firm based on a more passionate and personal way of practising law.  But what really makes us different?  We challenge the legal status quo by constantly questioning traditional practices and pushing ourselves to do better.  Our innovative practices include different ways of billing clients, different ways of interacting with clients, different ways of using technology to provide better service, and different roles and responsibilities for legal and non-legal staff.

We promise our clients value instead of billable hours.  And we go even further – we guarantee it by letting our clients pay their bills based on what they perceive the value of our services to be.

We believe clients should like their legal team, and we believe that everyone in the firm should like each other.  This means we seek out exceptional and affable individuals.  We don’t hire assholes.

We seek clients we believe in and we are passionate about the type of work we do.  Life is too short to spend time working with people who don’t share our values, or doing things we don’t enjoy.

What do we offer?

We value our relationship with our staff and want the opportunity to lay a foundation on which you can build a successful career.  We want to surround ourselves with people who are engaged, honest and confident enough on their own quest to support ours.  We are serious about our responsibility to ensure that you develop as a member of the firm and the legal community.  We offer the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working closely with our clients, and we make every effort to accommodate you so that you are able to gain experience in the areas that interest you.  We encourage you to be involved in all aspects of the firm.

We are a young firm that is growing quickly and there are times where there are holes – there’s a job that needs doing and there’s no one to do it.  We appreciate people who are willing, even enthusiastic, to step up and work hard.

Who are we looking for?

We look for curiosity and innovation.  We welcome those who don’t fit the traditional law firm mold.  Diverse personalities help keep our lives exciting and entertaining.  We look for people who are comfortable in a group setting, are not afraid to speak up and be heard, and who thrive on collaboration (as opposed to competition).  This doesn’t mean we are only seeking extroverts; many of us are ambiverts or introverts who just happen to like each other’s company.  We also look for people who have a strong work ethic.  We like to enjoy ourselves around the office, and are a lot more informal than many other firms, but we firmly believe that giving our clients the best value often means busting our asses to get them the best advice and service when they need it.  In other words, while we are a culture of fun, we are also a culture of performance.

Above all else, we are passionate.  We actively seek clients that share our values so that we can be proud of what our clients are trying to accomplish.  We want passionate advocates – people who believe in their work and are proud of what they do for a career.

In summary, this set of directives aligns us to stay focused on what really counts:

Our happiness matters.

  • We Like Each Other – We are friends as well as colleagues and believe that our collective professional success is inextricably tied to our personal relationships.
  • We are Proud of Our Brand + Environment – Our brand and work environment reflects who we are as people and professionals and is the foundation for our culture.
  • We Do Challenging + Meaningful Work – We do interesting, challenging and meaningful work, at a high level, for clients that we enjoy working with.
  • We Buy-In – We all have a vested interest in the firm’s success and are meaningfully involved in managing and growing the firm.
  • We Avoid (Social) Hierarchy – We believe that the most effective teams are grounded in mutual respect and collaboration rather than hierarchy and strive to make MT+Co. the least hierarchical law firm ever.
  • Happiness is our Top Priority – We prioritize happiness and invest time, money and energy into making MT+Co. a happy and fulfilling place to grow our careers.

Our external brand values are what we stand for.

  • Pursuit of Happiness – Happiness is a fundamental value at MT+Co. We support each other in our individual pursuits of happiness, whatever unique form that may take.  Our happiness is contagious and helps us deliver the best client experience.
  • Authenticity – We understand and embrace who we are as individuals and as a team. We show up consistently in all aspects of our life.  Everything we do is genuine and based on our true selves.
  • Open-mindedness + Curiosity – “Because we’ve always done it that way” is not an excuse. We are succeeding in breaking free from the stuffy constraints of “old law” precisely because we are open-minded and curious.  It isn’t enough to reject the status quo – to lead our industry we need to constantly question conventional opinion and explore better solutions.  If you have one, we want to hear it.
  • Boldness – We are not afraid to stand out, have strong opinions, and make them known. We speak directly about difficult issues, both to ourselves and to our clients.  We look critically at our own business and boldly go where no firm has gone before.
  • Continuous Improvement + Evolution – We understand better than anyone that the business of law is evolving. Even where we believe we have the best practices, we acknowledge that we need to constantly think critically about upping our game.  The moment we stop evolving is the moment we become just another law firm.
  • We Give a Shit – Need we say more? We give a shit about our communities, our work, our clients, and each other.  This is the key component underpinning our business, and reinforces empathy and generosity.  It keeps us happy, authentic, curious, bold, and continuously striving to be better.

Key Responsibilities

Operating as a self-starter under the direction of the assigned legal professionals, the Project Manager (“PM”) plays a significant role in keeping the legal professionals productive.  The PM will participate in projects and is expected to support initiatives and best practices, as appropriate.  Specific tasks include:

  • Manage work flow and client documents for legal professionals by using a ‘bring forward’ system, track client requests and ensure timely resolution with a view to delight the client
  • Email management, screening and filing
  • Assist legal professionals with the delivery of various value-driven legal services to help contribute to the profitability of the firm
  • Accountable for billing cycle: from entry of time to preparation of accounts through to follow up with clients to ensure satisfactory payment of accounts
  • Minute book filing and maintenance, routine transactional work including share transfers, changes in officers and directors etc.
  • Filing documents in any registry (corporate, court, land, etc.), including preparing the documents for electronic filing
  • Attending to and working with corporate admin team and paralegal team on the following:
    • Incorporations/Organizations – BC and Federal, Registration and Amendments (Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Societies and Extra Provincial Registrations), relevant document changes (Director/Officer Resignations, Removals, Deaths etc.)
    • Amalgamations, Reorganizations, Continuations, Declaration of dividends/bonuses, Dissolutions (voluntary), Restorations, Name Changes
    • Drafting closing agendas and various corporate documentation
    • Establishing, maintaining, and updating files, database, records, and other documents
    • Perform due diligence review of corporate records and preparation of rectification resolutions, and update minute books
  • Administrative support including co-ordinating meetings, travel arrangements and calendars, photocopying, scanning, faxing and other duties as may be required from time to time
  • Manage, organize and prioritize work independently and keep others informed of progress of work where necessary
  • Accurate and timely typing of correspondence and legal documents from dictation, handwritten, typewritten drafts or notes
  • Preliminary drafting of correspondence and legal documents under the supervision and direction of legal professionals, with a solid understanding of legal procedures and documentation
  • Assist legal professionals with the creation, maintenance and, if applicable, publication of templates, blog posts, video content and other client service offerings
  • File maintenance, including accurate daily filing, file organization, opening and closing files in accordance with the Law Society of British Columbia rules and the firm’s procedures, managing a bring forward or tracking system for limitation and follow up dates, track and file email correspondence
  • Photocopying, scanning, faxing and other duties as may be required from time to time
  • Assist other team members with additional tasks as required from time to time

Key Responsibilities – Annual Maintenance (Parental Leave Coverage)

  • Work directly with clients and corporate lawyers to prepare annual maintenance documents for BC, extra-provincial and Federal companies
  • Work directly with corporate lawyers and clients to ensure recovery of accounts receivable from clients for whom MT+ Co provides annual maintenance services
  • Assist with the billing cycle: from entry of time to preparation of accounts through to follow up with clients to ensure satisfactory payment of accounts
  • Maintain minute books, virtual minute books and ALF in general (including quality check of scanned documents)
  • Transition incoming/outgoing minute books
  • Coordinate with Paralegal/Admin team to do basic corporate transactions (incorporations, share transfers, change of RRO, directors, dissolutions, drafting various resolutions etc.) flowing from annual maintenance

Skills, Knowledge + Abilities

  • Graduate from the an accredited legal program
  • At least 3-5 years’ experience supporting a corporate/commercial practice
  • At least two years’ experience working in ALF and PCLaw and strong knowledge of the Microsoft Suite
  • Knowledge of legal and technical procedures, statutes, regulations and governmental practices applicable to the corporate area
  • A proven level of professionalism
  • Strong client-facing and communication skills
  • Advanced troubleshooting and multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and client service skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail
  • Excellent time management skills, organized and able to prioritize multiple tasks, ability to work under pressure and adapt to changes readily
  • Willing to deal with problems in a solutions-oriented manner
  • Some physical work is required: filing, moving boxes, retrieving files, etc.
  • Self-starter, uses initiative able to work independently and as a team member
  • Tech savvy with a proven ability to quickly learn and understand new technology

Personal Attributes

  • Self-confident, positive, friendly, approachable
  • Ability to maintain a high level of service awareness at all times
  • Enthusiastic and motivated
  • Detail orientated: accurate, logical and methodical in your approach to your work
  • Thick skinned: does not take things personally
  • Values the learning opportunity from all feedback
  • A strong sense of accountability
  • Functions as an active participant in MT+Co.
  • Pitches in when it’s “all hands on deck”
  • Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner
  • Sound work ethic, honest and trustworthy
  • Flexible, adaptable, nimble
  • Tenacious: does not give up easily

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