2015 Summer Law Student: You’re Hired!

October 29, 2014

It’s not quite summer yet but MT+Co. recently participated in Vancouver’s 2015 summer law student recruitment process. If you’ve been seeing a lot of suits on the streets in Gastown lately, now you know why. Top candidates participated in a competitive interview process, met our team and toured our offices.

We asked our hiring committee to find an enthusiastic, intelligent, hard-working, passionate student with academic specialties in Aboriginal and natural resources law, who had been in the military but doesn’t take life too seriously, and is an accomplished musician, multilingual, a fitness fanatic, and an all-round good person.

The committee responded that it would be impossible to find a student who satisfies these criteria—but they did the impossible.

They found Yvan Guy Larocque – an enthusiastic, intelligent, hardworking, passionate UBC student with specialties in business, Aboriginal and natural resources law, as well as a keen interest in technology and innovation. Yvan also happens to be a francophone from Manitoba who spent 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, and a professional drummer, guitar player and cross-fit trainer. And, to round out the package, he’s a very good guy.

“We are thrilled to have Yvan as our 2015 summer student and are looking forward to working with him,” says firm co-founder Jim Titerle. “He will be a great addition to the MT+Co. team.”

Yvan will join us for a number of events between now and the summer, and will officially start with us in May 2015.