Indigenous Organizations

We stand for the unbridled implementation of Rights affirmation. Consent-based decision-making based on our clients’ Indigenous legal orders is the foundation of the legal work we do for and with Indigenous governing bodies and institutions.

What We Do

Corporate Structures 

Indigenous rights are indivisible from the economy, and Indigenous peoples have inherent rights to economic equity and success.  

MT+Co. can help: 

  • incorporate and align stakeholder priorities within your economic development group’s framework
  • advise on corporate structuring and restructuring
  • develop customized corporate governance and decision-making tools
  • obtain and provide financing
  • structure supply, production, and sales contracts
  • develop land and infrastructure
  • navigate regulated industry requirements
  • create efficient tax structures
  • manage risks, liabilities, and disputes
  • arrange profit sharing and reinvestment  

Joint Ventures + Partnerships 

Companies often do business in our clients’ traditional territories. Strong relationships are based on mutual goals. Strong agreements protect the Nation and stand the test of time. MT+Co. will help you vet opportunities, determine options and address risks before any deal is signed.  

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Indigenous Organizations now have greater opportunities to own or partially own development projects. This participation called equity participation often requires investment, and investment often requires borrowing capital from traditional and non-traditional lenders.

It is vitally important that Indigenous Organizations maximize the benefits of equity participation. Obtaining financing on the right terms is one strategy to ensure this happens. MT+Co. helps with:

  • borrowing from private and public entities
  • project financing
  • limited recourse loan structuring
  • partnership investment structuring
  • loan restructuring
  • multi-party finance agreements

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There are many unique factors relating to land development for Indigenous Organizations. We understand and are familiar with these complexities such as restrictions imposed by the Indian Act, the development and approval of land codes, and inconsistencies and insufficient housing for membership and land for commercial development from reserve land allocation.

MT+Co. helps with:

  • developing land base for Indigenous Organizations that helps bring prosperity to their communities
  • negotiating on-reserve and off-reserve land rights and real estate development, from industrial or project-based industrial land rights (such as rights-of-way and leases) to member rights (such as certificates of possession, housing policies, and other allocations) to commercial and residential development.
  • developing and implementing land codes and other property laws
  • aligning lenders and development partners with land codes to provide opportunities to Indigenous Organizations

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From oil and gas extraction and pipelines to forestry operations and power generation, MT+Co. represents the interests of Indigenous Organizations at all stages of major projects, including:

Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs)

  • structure and negotiate binding, enforceable multiparty agreements that address concerns and support self-determination through long-term benefits to your Nation

Project Permitting + Compliance

  • assist in developing and implementing Indigenous laws as an expression of inherent authority and jurisdiction
  • participate in regulatory decision-making, and have your right to consent recognized
  • advise and assist in navigating regulatory requirements, including environmental assessments

Dispute Resolution

  • regulatory processes and in court to challenge decisions that do not respect Constitutional requirements regarding consultation and consent

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Good governance supports a healthy foundation within a community and builds capacity within an organization. It is essential to self-determination.

MT+Co. can: 

  • structure and implement government-to-government relations
  • ideate and plan community-led development
  • create policies and procedures
  • identify risk and manage remedies
  • facilitate meetings and presentations 

Indigenous government is evolving. We encourage stakeholder participation to create transparent and accountable governments that respect cultural and traditional requirements while enabling you to move forward.  

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Your MT+Co. team assists with environmental issues ranging from contaminated sites to water law, fisheries law, species at risk, and air emissions.  MT+Co. can help:

  • determine the allocation of rights to resources
  • respond to on-Reserve contamination
  • develop Indigenous-led environmental processes, land use laws, and policies
  • challenge project approvals (such as pipelines)
  • advise on the process and implication of environmental laws. 

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Nations must protect land, resources, and traditional ways of life. Cultural preservation ensures that archaeology and heritage sites remain protected as you move forward and that remedies are implemented properly if necessary. MT+Co. can help: 

  • structure agreements to protect traditional and sacred sites
  • balance heritage with environmental regulations
  • create land stewardship plans
  • negotiate remedial measures to recover damages to cultural artifacts and territory
  • plan and implement disaster recovery strategies 

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Aboriginal rights and title are the foundation of prosperity, nation-building, and stewardship for Indigenous Peoples. 

Before supporting your Nation with legal advice, we’ll learn about your traditional territories and land use, traditional and contemporary governance structures, and short and long-term objectives. This helps us develop tailored strategies to achieve your objectives. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to leverage rights and title at the right times and in the right ways. 

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We represent Indigenous Organizations in regulatory proceedings, tribunals, arbitration, and at all levels of court in disputes involving: 

  • rights and title
  • duty to consult
  • election disputes
  • breach of fiduciary duty by the Crown
  • land rights including reserve interests
  • reconciling Western legal structure with Indigenous laws and knowledge.  

Our approach is always to listen to you first, understand your unique history, context, and goals, and then collaborate to resolve disputes in a way that will best meet your needs. 

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Litigation + Dispute Resolution Group

We’ll work with you to advance reconciliation and consent-based approaches to development and jurisdiction in both the government-to-government and Nation-to-industry contexts.  

Indigenous Legal Orders 

Reconciliation requires that Indigenous legal orders stand on equal footing with the common law. MT+Co. helps: 

  • incorporate Indigenous legal orders in Nation and business governance structures 
  • develop traditional knowledge protocols 
  • identify and implement dispute resolution mechanisms 
  • assess socio-economic and environmental impacts

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The right law firm knows your workplace and your work.

Workplace legal issues come in many forms, from simple administrative work to complex, emotional, and all-consuming investigation and litigation matters. We are here to help you navigate the changing work environment in a way that builds, manages, and protects your workforce and your reputation.

Our team has ample experience working with Indigenous employers facing unique issues. Our workplace team can help you with:

  • employment contracts and contract negotiation
  • governance and policies aligned with traditions and culture
  • political and familial dynamics within Indigenous Nations
  • workplace investigations
  • jurisdictional and constitutional considerations
  • performance management and disciplinary measures
  • advice on dismissals and severance packages
  • workplace re-organizations and the duty to accommodate
  • human rights and privacy issues
  • health and safety compliance

Our approach is to prevent, manage, and resolve workplace conflict and, when necessary, advocate on your behalf before courts and administrative tribunals.  

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Workplace Law Group