Mergers + Acquisitions Team

Our Mergers + Acquisitions team consists of lawyers who are connected advisors and seasoned dealmakers. Our team is involved in countless transactions for buyers and sellers— big, small, and everything in between. To us, it's all in a day's work at MT+Co.

We understand how important your deal is. We take pride in achieving results with a friendly, personalized approach.

We've done this before

Because we travel this path so often, we’re able to anticipate challenges and prepare for the unexpected. Bottom line: you can rely on us to get your deal closed while protecting your interests.

Relentless execution

MT+Co.’s Mergers + Acquisitions teams are small, carefully crafted, and absolutely dedicated to results. You will only work with those lawyers best suited to the transaction. No explaining yourself over and over again, no overstaffing your negotiation team, and no (bad) surprises. You need focused expertise at every step of the way.

We primarily work with M+A advisors, small to mid-market entrepreneurs, natural resource companies, and Indigenous Organizations.

MT+Co. helps:

  • buy, sell, or spin-off businesses or business entities
  • prepare and negotiate purchase agreements focusing on the issues that matter to you
  • manage your entire M+A team of advisors and executives
  • assist with restructuring to complement tax strategies or to meet investor requirements
  • conduct comprehensive legal due diligence
  • liaise with your lenders and assist with acquisition financing, subordination arrangements, and discharges
  • negotiate shareholder agreements
  • meet regulatory requirements
  • obtain third-party consents
  • navigate employment arrangements and transition a workforce

Work Highlights


  • Acquisition of Catalyst Paper Corporation
  • Asset purchase of facility on south coast of British Columbia
  • Asset purchase of facility in interior British Columbia
  • Asset purchase of facility in Nova Scotia
  • Asset purchase of facility in interior BC and associated forest tenures
  • Asset sale of facility in Nova Scotia
  • Asset purchase of industrial facility in Saskatchewan
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  • Share purchase of 25% interest in ski hill operator
  • Share purchase of wilderness resort
  • Share purchase of boutique hotel
  • Acquisition of a group of bakeries and cafes
  • Acquisition of resort and marina
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Information Technology

  • Share sale of software company
  • Sale of digital marketing company
  • Sale of IT services company
  • Purchase of a telecom retail management provider
  • Purchase of web-based, back office software solution provider
  • Purchase of retail industry focused scheduling platform
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  • Share purchase and related financing of an aerospace company
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Industrial + Manufacturing

  • Hybrid share and asset sale of 70% interest in group of engineering companies
  • Share purchase of construction company
  • Asset sale of roofing manufacturing company
  • Share sale of design and manufacturing company
  • Share sale of industrial ventilation company
  • Share sale of restoration, construction and renovation company
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Health + Fitness

  • Share sale of medical clinic
  • Asset sale of group of fitness centres
  • Share sale of group of pharmacies
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  • Sale of solar electric systems distributor
  • Acquisition of partnership interest in an electricity generation facility
  • Asset sale of electricity generation facility
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  • Share and asset sale of apparel company
  • Share sale of a group of pet supply stores
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What Our Clients Say

“It’s been a great relationship right from the start. I think we started working together in 2015. I’ve always appreciated the level of attention, service, and good advice we get. When I’ve referred clients, they’ve felt the same way – very well taken care of.” 

“We work with a lot of law firms. We can’t always choose which firm we work with on a transaction. If we get a choice, we want to work with a group like yours that identifies real issues. Your firm is proactive about real issues you’ve identified and what should be done about them.” 

Mike McIsaac
CEO & Managing Director, Baker Tilly Canada Corporate Finance