Our Promise

More than the Minimum

Browse most firms’ websites and they’ll tell you that they provide quality legal advice and practical solutions. They will probably claim to be client-focused, accessible, and responsive.

Like any good law firm, we promise these things too; unlike most firms, we don’t think they’re anything to boast about. To us, they’re the bare minimum. Read more to find out how we do more than just the minimum.

Breathing Humanity into Law

We are the firm that has committed to a purpose and lives it every day.

For us, that purpose is “breathing humanity into law”. It means many things. It means caring about the good in what we do and the impact of our work. It means climbing down from our profession’s ivory tower and connecting with people on a human level. It means showing deep care for our people, our clients, and our communities.

Here are some of the things “breathing humanity into law” means when you work with us. If they sound good to you, let’s do good things together.

Our Promise to You

Since the start, our mantra has been “helping people do good things.” True in 2009, but equally true today and a core component of our mission to “breathe humanity into law”.

Our work is most fulfilling when we believe in our clients and what they’re trying to accomplish. More importantly, we’re at our best and make the greatest impact when our values are aligned with the people we work with.  This is what motivates us to provide exceptional service and advice.

So we don’t take every file that walks in the door. Instead, we actively seek out like-minded clients who we enjoy working with: people and organizations who are involved in worthwhile work with which we’re proud to be associated. We do everything in our power to ensure they’re equally proud to be associated with us.