Do Good Things With Us

Spend your day doing good things with and for good people. It feels—yeah, you guessed it—good. Great, actually. Our do-things-differently attitude and our emphasis on maintaining a second-to-none culture make MT+Co. unlike any other law firm. And we are proud of that.

Who We Are
What We Do
Why It Matters

MT+Co. works with Forward-Thinking Businesses and Indigenous Organizations. Since 2009, we’ve represented the leaders who dare to take on big challenges, and we support their game-changing work by providing creative, integrated solutions to their legal challenges. By standing behind and alongside our visionary clients, we hope to leave the world a little better—and a lot more just—than we found it.

Not Your Average Law Firm

A rogue tiki bar is part of our origin story, and we refer to members of our team as coconuts. All law firms claim to be different, but we really are like none other. It’s something we take great pride in, actually. Get to know our team, and if you want to hear the story of the rogue tiki bar, all you have to do is ask.


Like Who You Work With

Life is short, and we spend a lot of it at work. We think it’s important to like the people you spend all that time with, so we put a lot of emphasis on culture and recruiting team members who are a good fit, who know how to have fun, and also know when it’s time to buckle down and get the job done. After all, the work our clients are doing matters—to them, to us, and to the world.

Our Values

These values set the tone in our office and guide how and whom we hire. Just like we take on clients who are aligned with our values, we choose candidates who believe in the way we choose to show up at the office and in the world.

We build teams, not egos.

We honour our collective responsibility to one another and are dependable and reliable. We recognize that our strength comes from the collective, so we build each other up through our words and through our actions. We treat each other as equals and with respect. There's no room for social hierarchy here.

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