Spencer is the executive assistant to two of our Victoria lawyers. Spencer is eager to learn and assist, bringing fresh eyes and an outside perspective to her role. She has a keen eye for detail, enjoys streamlining and improving systems, and strives for swift and accurate completion of projects.

Spencer brings years of experience in fast-paced administrative positions that allowed her to develop an exceptional ability to multi-task while prioritizing her day-to-day responsibilities. She maintains her cool by staying organized and approaching problem-solving with logic and creativity.


Outside of the office, Spencer enjoys gardening and has a particular passion for tropical indoor plants, so much so that her house has turned into a thriving jungle; there are even plants rooting into the drywall. When she isn’t grappling with her personal jungle, Spencer enjoys the outdoors and adventuring with her dog, arts and crafts, movie nights, and island road trips. She is passionate about animal welfare and mental health awareness.