CBA BarTalk – Indigenous Matters – The New Crop

June 11, 2018

Indigenous Governance + Business in Cannabis Legalization Discussed in The New Crop

You don’t have to follow current events to know the Canadian government is making its way down the somewhat bumpy road to legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

We’ve talked about it before and we’re talking about it again… This time in the Indigenous Matters column of BarTalk, a magazine published six times a year by the British Columbia branch of the Canadian Bar Association. Read what MT+Co. lawyers Merle Alexander and Maya Stano have to say in their well-written article The New Crop (here is another link to the article), about the important role for Indigenous governance and business in the recreational cannabis legalization process.


Give us a shout if you have any questions about or require assistance regarding the role for Indigenous governance and business in the legalization process.