Community Partner Feature – Helicopters Without Borders

October 18, 2023

Helicopters Without Borders (HWB) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting remote communities and populations affected by natural disasters, inefficient supply chains, geographical challenges, and poor transportation infrastructure by offering innovative air transportation solutions.

At the core of HWB’s mission is the endeavor to bridge healthcare providers with underserved communities that have limited or no access to healthcare professionals and treatments. This is achieved by directly transporting healthcare professionals to these communities or transporting community members to urban areas for medical care. HWB proudly supports the transportation of various professionals, including registered nurses, dentists, dental therapists, mental health and addiction support workers, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, and Elders, primary care practitioners, among others. In a groundbreaking move, HWB acquired its first helicopter and converted it into a mobile dental clinic, pioneering a new era in remote dental care.

In June 2023, HWB joined forces with community leaders to combat the devastating wildfires ravaging British Columbia’s coastal forests. These wildfires disrupted food supply chains and left individuals stranded in and around the affected areas.

Thanks to the remarkable generosity of donors, HWB successfully transported 2,900 pounds of fresh food and produce to the wildfire-affected communities. Additionally, HWB facilitated the transportation of passengers, reuniting them with their families and providing access to vital healthcare services.

MT+Co. has proudly supported HWB as a community partner since 2021, and we are honored to be part of their incredible mission. Nick Smith provides pro bono legal advice to support HWB’s ongoing operations, and Yvonne Choi volunteers her time to provide brand consulting services.

For more information about the remarkable work carried out by HWB, please visit their website and take a moment to watch this short video by Double H Creative about the work HWB is doing.

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