Farwell to our 2023 Summer Students!

September 8, 2023 /

Last month, we said goodbye (for now) to our five incredible summer students.

For the past four months, we have had the pleasure of working with Chésa Abma-Slade, Josh Regnier, Jacob Caouette, Jaime Hills, and Amy Kaustinen.

When asked about the best parts of their summer at MT+Co. the answer was unanimous: the people, the supportive environment, and (most importantly) the work.

Amy said, “A career in law is always going to be demanding and challenging at times, but working with a supportive, authentic, and collaborative team makes a world of difference.”

About the work, Jaime added, “Great work is done while placing importance on the people who make the team. I have been challenged in the work I’ve been doing and felt supported by those around me who genuinely want to see me succeed. I love that I have been able to learn through doing, asking questions, and trying new work.”

So, what’s next for these five incredible folks?

Chésa is completing her fourth and final year of the JD/JID program at UVIC, of which one semester will be spent in a field school within an Indigenous community.

Josh is completing his fourth year in the JD/JID program before commencing a clerkship at the BC Court of Appeal.

Jacob is returning to UBC law, where he is looking forward to serving the clients of the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic in his second (and final!) term.

Jaime is heading back to UVic for her final year of law school. She will complete her final semester while on exchange at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand before returning to MT+Co. for her articles.

Amy is finishing her last year of law school, completing PLTC, and clerking at the British Columbia Supreme Court.

We are excited to announce that all five students intend to return to MT+Co. to begin their legal careers!

All the best to our students from all of us at MT+Co.!