Meet Our Source

April 27, 2015

Intelligent, curious and objective, he finds solutions to difficult legal problems.

Who is this source of wisdom at Miller Titerle + Company? It’s Brian Vick. Brian brings over 30 years of experience helping clients solve the full range of legal problems from simple practical solutions to uncomplicated issues, to the most challenging and complex matters.

Brian helps our team act smarter, not only by contributing his personal knowledge and experience, but also through his willingness and ability to share that expertise. Co-founder Rob Miller says, “It’s like having a library of corporate law that you never have to read….and he’s a lot of fun.” Co-founder Jim Titerle adds, “Brian knows corporate law…period. His legal knowledge and experience is a huge win for our clients (and Rob).”

Brian recently completed updates to the 2015 edition of the British Columbia Company Law Practice Manual, published by The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia , as the contributing author in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 11 “Amalgamations”
  • Chapter 11A “Arrangements”
  • Chapter 11B “Compulsory Acquisitions and Disposal of Undertaking”
  • Chapter 11C “Continuations”

CLE BC describes this practice manual as the authoritative guide to British Columbia company law and practice.

In addition to being one of the few people on the planet who is capable of reading and fully understanding – let alone writing – the content covered by these chapters, Brian has extensive experience advising clients who are completing transactions under court-approved plans of arrangements under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) and the Canada Business Corporations Act. In particular, we rely on Brian’s expertise in going private merger and acquisition transactions and other reorganizations, amalgamations, compulsory acquisitions, dispositions of corporations’ assets, and continuations of corporations to other jurisdictions.

We are proud of Brian’s contribution to The Continuing Legal Education Society, and invite you to read this authoritative guide to corporate law in B.C. Better yet, we encourage you to come straight to The Source.

To learn more about his expertise and background, please see Brian Vick’s profile.