MT+Co’s New Principal – Peter Eirikson

June 1, 2020 /

Congratulations to Peter Eirikson on becoming MT+Co’s new Principal⁺!

⁺What do we mean when we say Principal?

At Miller Titerle + Company, we do things a bit differently.  Unlike most law firms, we are not partnership; we are a corporation and we are employee-owned.  The opportunity to buy-in to MT+Co is open to all lawyers as soon as they are called to the bar (under current BC Law Society rules, only lawyers can buy shares, but we are trying to change this so staff members can buy shares as well).  We champion this business model for many reasons, not least of which because we want our people to think and act like owners.  We aim to attract and retain the best and the brightest people to be part of our team, and we hope to achieve this by creating long-term value and incentivizing all of us to grow the firm – not personal practices.  Becoming a Principal doesn’t signal ownership the same way partnership does at other firms – it signals that the team member has shown a commitment to building our culture and brand and has demonstrated a commitment to growing the happiness of their peers.  It is a significant career milestone, and one worth celebrating.

We Are Proud of Our People

MT+Co. is composed of forward-thinking professionals who have built a new kind of law firm based on a more compassionate and sustainable way of practicing law.  We collaborate in teams and have the options to work in an open-concept office or remotely – whatever works best for our people.  We continue to challenge the legal status quo and have discovered like-minded individuals along the way.  Needless to say, our people are paramount to us, and we are so excited to share that Peter Eirikson has joined our team of unparalleled principals!

Congrats Peter!

We are so grateful to have Peter as part of the MT+Co. family and even more grateful to celebrate this achievement with him.  Peter brings a depth of knowledge and calm guidance to his banking practice while supporting our transactional, real estate, and corporate and commercial practice with both the Business Law + Transaction Group and the Indigenous Law Group.

In our time working with Peter, we have come to know him as a deeply caring individual with values that naturally line up with ours. We are beaming that Peter has accepted our invitation to join us as Principal Lawyer.

Peter, we are so lucky to have you and our firm would not be the same without you and your charm.  Looking forward to what we will accomplish together!