New-School Franchising

April 1, 2019

Introducing Braden Lauer

Braden Lauer recently joined MT+Co., bringing with him his experience and passion in the world of franchising, licensing and distribution.

MT+Co. now services franchisor and franchisee side domestic and international clients, offers franchise disclosure compliance products for all Canadian provinces, and gives licensing and product distribution advice.

Introducing the “New-School Franchising” Column

The word franchising has a bad rap in the business world. When we say “franchise”, people often imagine an “old-school” fast food chain, goliath franchisors and multiple cloned franchisees. When we say “franchise lawyer”, people often imagine a suit and a frightening legal bill.

This isn’t the face of “new-school” franchising.

New-school franchising is first-to-market brand recognition. It’s a viable option for entrepreneur franchisees to test their business acumen. It is a vehicle for franchisors in emerging industries (looking at you, cannabis and blockchain) to be the “next big thing”. If these sound exciting to you like they do to us, we hope that the next time you say “franchise lawyer” you think of Miller Titerle.

In starting a regular blog column, Braden plans on demystifying the use of the franchise model in Canadian business. Entrepreneurs deserve to enter the market with the model that has worked for so many goliaths in the past. In the “New-School Franchising” column on the MT+CO. blog, Braden will not only explore the typical nuts-and-bolts franchise disclosure obligations (six Canadian provinces have franchise disclosure laws, including British Columbia as of 2017), Braden will also look at topics that have been exciting me in my franchising and corporate/commercial practice:

  • Franchising for “start-up franchisors”;
  • Cannabis and first-to-market franchising;
  • Emerging Tech;
  • Non-traditional franchise ownership structures;
  • The “industry” of franchise disclosure;
  • Interesting client profiles and FAQs.

Let’s explore and embrace the face of “new-school” franchising.

About Braden

Braden is a franchise lawyer with a background in accounting, tech and business. He was once crowned Canada’s Smartest Person by CBC, but has since retired from the TV circuit. If you need more information about the services MT+Co. can provide to franchisors, franchisees, or if you require corporate/commercial advice, contact Braden Lauer or anyone in our Business Law and Transactions Group.