Project Manager


Danielle’s creative outlook and legal experience make her a fun and interesting individual to have on the team. Danielle draws from a diverse background to provide support to the Business Law and Transactions group, including chairing the groups monthly meetings.

Why MT+Co.?

“I had been longing for a firm that fit with me: smart and fun, with a casual atmosphere. After reading about MT+Co., I knew this was the place for me and worked hard to worm my way in as a temp. Starting a temporary position can be tough, but everyone was immediately warm and welcoming, wanting to get to know me and help me excel. I felt valued and accepted straight away. Everyone is unabashedly themselves from the get-go, which makes it easier to relax and focus on what’s important: the work. As you can imagine, I am incredibly pleased to be a Project Manager at MT+Co.!”


Danielle has been working in the legal industry since 2009. Before developing an interest in the legal profession, Danielle worked in various industries including music, health, automotive and hospitality. Her love for helping people doesn’t go unnoticed. She thrives on creating a positive work environment and is always looking for ways to improve productivity. She has a real passion for creating a new and unique way of working in the legal industry.



  • Graduated from the Legal Administrative Assistant program at Capilano University and is currently enrolled in the Paralegal Certificate program at Vancouver Community College.
  • Completed the Holistic Health Coach program from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • Before entering the legal industry, Danielle worked at a mechanical shop, learning how to fix cars.

Worth Noting

Danielle is our resident health guru. A gluten-free (mostly) vegetarian, Danielle loves to cook up a storm. Having grown up on the North Shore, Danielle appreciates a good hike or run in the great outdoors, but also spends a fair bit of time in the gym and on a bike. She loves discussing food, nutrition, fitness and anything involved with health and wellness.

Danielle’s big audacious goal is to be a Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in women with hormonal issues, people with digestive disorders and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Danielle volunteers in the Downtown Eastside around Christmas time and aims to focus her efforts to helping at other times of the year.

Last, but certainly not least, shortly after joining MT+Co., Danielle adopted a street dog from Texas named Norman. Norman quickly became an asset to the firm. In fact, after undergoing intense training, he became the Chief Security Officer.


+I’m not a lawyer, I just help run the place.