Office + Systems Administrator


As the Office Administrator, Emma oversees all of our facility and IT needs! It’s a busy job, but she doesn’t miss a beat!

Our Australian team member who has survived the Vancouver rain and fallen in love with the legal industry, Emma has settled comfortably into MT+Co. to become a key member of our exceedingly accomplished administration team.

Why MT+Co.?

“I arrived with banking and finance experience but I hadn’t worked in the legal industry until now and I’m quickly getting the hang of it.  I love the vibe at MT+Co. and I joined at the right time – a few weeks before we all head off to Mexico!  There are a lot of new things going on for me – a new country,  new industry, and a lot of funny new words.  Hopefully my Aussie accent isn’t too difficult to understand!”


  • Emma has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Teaching


Emma takes the initiative needed to deliver outstanding client services – a natural skill she developed by working at the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney, Australia.  If you’ve ever been to Sydney, you’ll understand that it’s a fast paced city.  Emma might not be as loud as the Opera House but she is terrifyingly efficient, hard working and nice.

Emma worked in child care for a few years and has proven to be a natural with kids – which kind of comes in handy working in a law firm!

Worth Noting

In the evenings, you will find Emma hits the gym.  She’s quite passionate about fitness and health, and remains diligent with her work out schedule.  We manage to find a lot of Tim Tams at MT+Co. so it’s good to know that some of us can stick to a regular fitness schedule!


+I’m not a lawyer, I just run the place.