Rob Miller featured as a NewLaw Pioneer by CBA Futures Initiative

April 27, 2016 /

The Canadian Bar Associations‘ Legal Futures Initiative has recently released “The Road Ahead: Your Guide to the New Legal Careers of the 21st Century“, a report on the future of the legal profession and legal services in Canada.  The report features MT+Co.’s own Rob Miller (Co-founder) as one of 25 Canadian NewLaw Pioneers.

Law is changing

Throughout the CBA Legal Futures Initiative’s report, one thing is clear: the practice of law is changing. Technological advances, regulatory liberalization and competitive pressures are shifting the way in which lawyers and law firms operate. Clients are demanding more from lawyers and law firms; and business clients, in particular, expect their legal team to have the same focus on innovation and change as they do.

New skills for lawyers

The NewLaw for New Lawyers report highlights key skills that lawyers need to meet the demands of the changing legal market in Canada. Aside from pure technical legal skills, innovative lawyers need to focus on developing emotional intelligence, an entrepreneurial spirit, financial literacy, process improvement, strategic thinking, technological proficiency and building networks.

So why is Rob featured as a NewLaw Pioneer?

The report defines NewLaw as any significant, non-traditional approach to the practice of law – and we strive to be anything but traditional.  Our team strives to automate routine processes, integrate ourselves into clients’ project and management teams in cost-effective ways and ensure the highest level of collaboration and client engagement. In doing so, we have held on to two core beliefs: accountability to our clients’ assessment of the value of the work provided and the paramountcy of relationships and shared beliefs. MT+Co. has used these core beliefs to “shake the legal status quo” and trailblaze new ways to provide quality legal services in Canada.

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Photo credit (with thanks) goes to: Margaret Hagan.