Rob Miller receives the 2023 Waterstone MacKay Canada’s Most Admired CEO Social Purpose Innovator Award

November 23, 2023 /

Since 2009, Rob has built MT+Co.’s presence within the legal community on the foundation that a law firm can care about sharing values with clients and can boldly say its purpose is to help people do good things. Fourteen years later, the firm has grown, but our purpose has remained the same. Under Rob’s leadership, we’ve had the privilege of working on many projects that move the needle in meaningful ways – from the revitalization of Indigenous organizations to clean energy to responsible resource use to cool companies doing social good. The thing we’re most proud of is the positive impact we’ve helped our clients make – not something every law firm can say.

In addition to being our champion of “for profit, for good”, Rob has taken other social impact organizations under his wing. He’s the Chairman and owner of Briteweb and Rally Rally, a group of social impact advisory firms devoted to empowering large not-for-profit, Indigenous, and impact organizations to make the change we want to see in the world. He is the Chair and owner of Maya Cleaners, a commercial cleaning company with a conscience (both social and environmental), and of the EdgePro Equipment Group, a group of equipment rental and power tool companies leading the wave of electrification of yard tools.

Of Rob’s impact on his clients and legal community, Chief David Jimmie of Squiala said:

Under Rob’s vision and leadership, the firm has assembled the right talent and expertise to be truly “full service” to Indigenous Nations. He has ensured that his team is educated on the broad spectrum of issues and opportunities that our communities face and has pushed his team to think beyond where Canadian law is today to a future that envisions a reconciled Canada where Indigenous Nations are political, cultural, and economic leaders. 

Rob carries his professional career in a direction to support Indigenous communities with MT+Co., but also fosters relationships that are built on trust and understanding. I have worked with several lawyers and firms over the years, but I have yet to work with one who can match the level of understanding and ability to process information for a broader strategy as Rob. His leadership style is one that resonates with me as an effective leader who is always willing to listen and work together for the greater good while leading by example.

About the award, Marty Parker, President and CEO of Waterstone Human Capital said, “The 2023 Canada’s Most Admired award recipients exemplify how culture drives performance, especially in the face of economic uncertainty and other recruitment and retention challenges… This year’s winners are leveraging culture to drive growth and success and in today’s highly competitive talent market through the acquisition, retention, and optimization of high-performance leaders, teams, and corporate cultures.”

“This year’s winning leaders and organizations actively craft culture in alignment with their purpose and values every day, and help drive culture as competitive advantage,” says Parker. “On behalf of Waterstone Human Capital and our partners, we look forward to celebrating this year’s winners and the impact culture is having on their success.”

At MT+Co., we are incredibly proud of Rob and excited to celebrate this achievement alongside him.

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