Sock Drive Summation

January 5, 2015

Our first annual “Sock it to the Lawyers” charity sock drive was a big sockcess. With the help of clients, neighbours, friends and family, MT+Co. gathered a couple hundred socks, gloves, scarves and hats – as well as a few winter jackets.

The generous donations managed to build up in Jim’s office (since Rob was usually conveniently away from his desk when sock-throwers dropped by), until he pleaded with us to place them in an appliance-sized box. We ended up with a very full box, plus three shopping bags of brand-new socks.

Highlights of the Sock Drive included ‘The Sock Ninja’, a five-year-old with a good arm who managed to bring Jim to his knees; five people from a neighbouring office who actually found and socked Rob at his desk; and the care package from Ontario that instructed one of our project managers to throw socks at Jim.

Partner Double Down Gamble

For additional excitement, a side bet was agreed upon: The loser of the Annual Jim & Rob Christmas Card Contest was tasked with donating TWICE as many socks as the winner had cards. It was a tight battle but in the end, after much dispute, Rob surpassed Jim by one card.


On December 23rd, five of us packaged up the Sock Drive donations, walked down the street and in the last light of the day, handed everything out on East Hastings to a very appreciative crowd.

It turned out to be perfect timing, right before a cold snap hit the city. It was also a fantastic Christmas gift (the gift of giving) to all who participated.