Sock It to the Lawyers – A Charity Sock Drive

December 5, 2014

Ever wanted to sock your lawyer – in particular Jim or Rob?

Now you can. And feel good about it.

We are literally throwing socks at our two co-founding lawyers for the rest of December, especially when they’re not looking. Staff, clients, suppliers, other lawyers, children, pets and others can bring in socks and cold-weather accessories (gloves, mitts, hats, ear muffs, etc.) and throw them.

Our Sock Drive Plan

Buy a new and preferably warm pair of socks/mitts/gloves or a hat. Come into the MT+Co. office in Gastown at any time during the workday – roughly 9am-5pm – and throw your item at the lawyer of your choice.

In a perfect world, socks will accumulate and reach an irritating level in their offices. There will be so many socks, that hundreds of people on the DTES will be able to have warmer feet, hands and heads.

At the end of the sock drive on December 23rd, the MT+Co. crew will head out and hand out all the donations on East Hastings and Carrall.

Partner Double Down Gamble

For extra excitement and incentive: Whoever loses the annual Rob and Jim Christmas card contest has to DONATE TWICE as many socks as the winner has cards. This could get interesting – and expensive!

Sock Drive Benefits

Not sure if you want to participate? Here are the key reasons you should:

  1. It’s really easy to do.
  2. Help people on the streets keep warm and dry in this cold weather.
  3. Feel good that you’ve done something to help others.
  4. Alleviate any bad feelings or anger if you’re having a rough day.

Reasons not to participate:

  1. You have single, lost socks littering your bedroom floor or laundry room.
  2. You have socks/gloves/mitts with holes, and you’ve forgotten how to darn them.

Please join us in this charitable cause by donating cold-weather accessories, and by spreading the word. Be sure to join the sock party on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as we post photos of our progress.