Kirsten Philp



Kirsten is a brave, snow-loving Australian who packed her skis, brought them to the mountains, and never looked back. She’s also MT+Co.’s one-of-a-kind accountant. When you need something on the fly, Kirsten is likely on top of it all already!

Kirsten has a strong background in tax and financial reporting. She prides herself on knowing her product inside and out and enjoys having the knowledge to tackle any question or problem thrown her way. Her impressive knowledge of accounting and payroll software keeps MT+Co.’s Finance Department purring like a well-oiled machine. 


Kirsten comes from the other Sunshine Coast, hailing from Mooloolaba, Queensland. She claims to be the only person from that area to prefer snow to sand and moved to Canada to ski. She is extremely happy about the slopes being so close. But as the saying goes, she came for the winter and stayed for the summer. Kirsten also loves dancing, even if her dance moves are questionable. She clearly has ballet training because she stands in First Position when asking questions. Like every other Australian, she loves to travel.


  • Dual degree (Bachelor of Business in Accountancy and Bachelor of Applied Science in Forensic Science), Queensland University of Technology, (Brisbane, Australia), 2012