Tour de Cure Team Feature – Merle Alexander

July 28, 2022 /

This week we are thrilled to introduce another MT+Co. team rider, Merle Alexander! Thank you for chatting with us about your Tour de Cure journey.

Q: Why are you riding in Tour de Cure?

“One of my Mom’s has stage 4 colorectal cancer and I want her and other Indigenous relatives to have the best BC Cancer can offer. I want to remove the cultural, medical, and racial barriers that prevent Indigenous peoples from getting the very best care that we can offer them.”

What’s your fundraising goal? How much have you raised thus far?

“$10,000, I am at $8,800 and will not give up until I hit it.”

Q: How do you plan on achieving your goal? What are your favourite parts/strategies for fundraising?

“Constantly thinking about who can help and how to diplomatically approach them. I love when people connect with the cause, it is so heartwarming to know that your friends and colleagues rise to your side in support, love, and soulful respect.”

Q: If you’ve ridden before, tell us about your favorite or most memorable ride experience. If you haven’t, what got you to join and what are you looking forward to?

“I am a newbee with a shiny new bike. Tamara Napoleon, my wife, is a member of the BC Cancer Board and we are riding for her Mom (and my Mom in law and love). I am excited to feel the energy of so many souls connecting for such a powerful cause.”

Help Merle reach his fundraising goal by donating here: