Tour de Cure Team Feature – Bridget Berner

August 3, 2022 / /

This week we are thrilled to introduce a few more of our MT+Co. team members riding in the Tour de Cure. First up, Bridget Berner!

Thanks, Bridge for letting us know why you ride!

Q: Why are you riding in Tour de Cure?

“I am riding in the Tour de Cure because I strongly believe that a world free from cancer can exist, and for cancer to no longer exist, we must supercharge the research currently taking place in British Columbia. Research can help identify the causes of cancer and encourage its prevention and improve existing treatments which result in a prolonged and better quality of life for cancer patients. There are great ways to give a big “f*ck you” to cancer, and supporting research is one of them, which is why I’m taking on the Tour de Cure!”

Q: What’s your fundraising goal? How much have you raised thus far?

“My fundraising goal is $2500, and I’ve raised $135 thus far. I am a total fundraising newbie, but I’m determined to reach my goal!”

Q: How do you plan on achieving your goal? What are your favourite parts/strategies for fundraising?

“I will pester and wrangle my friends and family for donations (I am a professional lawyer pester/wrangler, after all). I think that everyone has felt cancer in some way in their lives. I hope my messaging to my friends and family is clear – I strongly believe we can stop cancer with the amazing power of science and research, and we must do what we can to support our fellow British Columbians. So, donate gosh dang it!”

Q: If you’ve ridden before, tell us about your favorite or most memorable ride experience. If you haven’t, what got you to join, and what are you looking forward to?

“Haha! I’ve never ridden my bike longer than 20 kilometers before! Because of this, I am nervous about the Tour de Cure, but I am all about stomping my fears down to a pulp to achieve my goals (which is giving cancer the biggest “f*ck you” possible). Catch me on the 100km route folks!”

Support Bridget in reaching her goal by donating here: