Tour de Cure Team Feature – Emily Savage

August 19, 2022 /

Our next Tour de Cure Team spotlight features Emily Savage. Thank you, Emily, for letting us know why you ride!

Q: Why are you riding in Tour de Cure?

“Close friends, colleagues, and family have been impacted by cancer, and I was looking for a challenge and wanted to contribute to a great cause!”

Q: What’s your fundraising goal? How much have you raised thus far?

“I am still short of my goal of $2500, and any donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated! Find the link to donate at the bottom of this post!”

Q: How do you plan on achieving your goal? What are your favourite parts/strategies for fundraising?

“Good old-fashioned begging! Willing to get creative and auction off some items too!”

Q: If you’ve ridden before, tell us about your favorite or most memorable ride experience. If you haven’t, what got you to join, and what are you looking forward to?

“I was inspired to join the team after hearing a personal story from a colleague earlier this year and supporting my best friend through a challenging time. I am new to cycling and look forward to seeing if I can push myself and tackle this extremely long ride!”

To help Emily reach her goal, donate here: