West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation: Port Shirt Program

December 14, 2023

In September, we had the pleasure of featuring one of our community partners, the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation (WCK), and all the incredible work they are doing. You can find the full update on our website.

One of WCK’s innovative initiatives is the Port Shirt Program, which was conceived by Cameron, a young boy receiving care at BC Children’s Hospital, who had an idea to adapt a regular t-shirt to make treatment a more comfortable and easier experience for kids. Many children diagnosed with cancer receive chemo and medication through a port inserted under their skin, allowing them to receive the treatment they need without being pricked by a needle constantly. While a port helps solve one problem in a child’s cancer journey, it creates another. Due to the location of the port, children must remove their shirts every time they receive treatment, making a challenging time scarier and more uncomfortable.

Cameron’s idea was simple – create a way for children to receive medicine without removing their shirts. Cameron didn’t want to help only himself but all the children in treatment, so the Port Shirt program was born.

The Port Shirts are specially adapted with a zipper, giving medical professionals access to a child’s port without removing their shirts. Each zipper is hand-sewn by a WCK volunteer into a soft, high-quality shirt provided by Whistle & Flute. The shirts are delivered to families across the province at no cost to them.

Cameron sadly passed away in 2020, but his legacy and game-changing idea continue, helping children just like him. So far in 2023, WCK has provided 140 port shirts to families across the province at no cost to them.

MT+Co. proudly helped WCK kick off the Port Shirt program in 2021.

Learn more about West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation and donate to them here.