Celebrate Good Things.

November 24, 2022 /

In 2009, we started with a small team and a big idea: a law firm can (and should) be values-based, care deeply for its people, and seek out work that makes a positive impact. 

Over the last thirteen years, we got lots of unimportant things wrong, but we did get a lot of important things right, like our tagline, guiding star, and rallying cry: helping people do good things.

We have changed a lot since then. We are not small anymore, and we have transitioned from a scrappy startup to an established incumbent. Along the way, we have been lucky to work with great people, both inside and outside the firm. We have taken the time to clarify what is important to us and what isn’t; we have strived every day to better deliver on our promises and grow deep relationships with clients we love.  

Eight years ago, when we launched our first website, we got people talking by featuring a team of legal professionals truly having fun together. Now, it’s time to update our website and let it catch up to who we have grown into today; to showcase the impactful work we do, and the cool people we do it with; to brag about our clients and colleagues; and to continue showcasing us having fun together. 

So today, we are proudly reintroducing ourselves with an invitation that aligns with our first big idea: let’s do good things together.  

We hope you take us up on it.

Ad produced by the talented team at Immersion Creative.