Co-Lead + Principal, Indigenous Law Group


Tamara is a member of Saulteau First Nations and among a handful of Indigenous female solicitors in Canada.

Her vision and initiative is focused in her identification of Indigenous law as an instrument of change for not only empowering Indigenous peoples but returning Indigenous women to their respected place of equality, respect, and prestige in their communities.

Why MT+Co.?

“MT+Co. is born of two pillars that I believe are very important: (1) a genuine commitment to Indigenous law that is not purely for commercial profit; and (2) well-trained lawyers formerly of national and regional firms.  In hailing from a Northern community, there is a connection to the Territory, resources and a balance for sustainable development that informs my perspective in the work I embark upon.  The fact that so many of our lawyers have those same origins makes a difference.  There are some things that cannot be taught to relate with Indigenous community needs and connection to the land is one of them.

“I don’t think big firms have a monopoly on good training, but I know our lawyers were well invested in their legal educations. And, Indigenous communities deserve the best trained and experienced lawyers and advisors.”


Tamara is a well-established advisor focusing on Indigenous economic development, corporate structuring, Indigenous governance, and natural resource stewardship. Tamara’s practice involves negotiations with resource companies and government-to-government negotiations with both levels of Crown, drafting and advising on a range of project agreements and reconciliation agreements. Throughout her work, it remains an important objective that the legal orders of the Indigenous clients she serves are fundamentally integrated and upheld.

Tamara shares her skills with East Vancouver Indigenous community non-profits, provincial educational institutions, as a member of the First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining and her own Nation’s economic development corporation, Mistahiya Development Corp.  She is also a former Vice President of Aboriginal Mothers’ Centre Society, director of Vancouver Native Health Society and Governor of The Justice Institute of BC.


  • Recipient of UVic Distinguished Alumni Award 2018
  • Member of Indigenous Bar Association
  • Director of Mistahiya Development Corp. (Saulteau First Nations)
  • Former Vice President of Aboriginal Mothers Centre Society
  • Former Governor of Justice Institute of BC
  • YWCA Women of Distinction Awards 2017 Nominee

Worth Noting

Tamara hails from a long lineage of fierce, driven women who while driving her crazy also drive her to make change happen in all aspects of her life. This verve has also translated to sourcing the courage without question to raise her two sons, Elijah and Liam like her daughters.



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