Law Student


Allison hails from Regina, Saskatchewan. A scrappy prairie kid at heart, Allison has steadily been moving westward since the age of 18.

Why MT+Co.?

“Of all the firms I saw or interviewed with, MT+Co. was the only one I could see myself working for long-term: a nimble, innovative, high-integrity law firm with a great sense of humour and aspirational long-term goals. Plus the prairie kid in me loves the unpretentious, egalitarian culture.”


Allison has a strong interest in environmental law and natural resource law. On top of focusing her classes around these subjects, she has volunteered in environmental litigation, completed an environmental litigation, completed an environmental law clinical course, and wrote her law school major research on renewal resource policy.

Last summer, Allison did a co-op term working in Indigenous rights and title litigation, which she loved.

Allison brings with her a wealth of experience in business, finance and wealth advisory (see below).


  • Current law student at University of Victoria
  • Recipient of the Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt Prize in Contracts & Property for highest overall grade in first year Contracts and Property Law classes
  • Recipient of the John & Dora Wight Scholarship in Law
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Finance from University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business
  • Recipient of University of Calgary Entrance Scholarship
  • Registered Representative License (Wealth Management)
  • Investment Representative License
  • Co-op Student – Aboriginal Law at the Department of Justice, Vancouver
  • Co-founder/Director of Next Gen Network, a peer mentoring community that supports high potential young people in their personal and professional development

Worth Noting

Allison spends her spare time writing fantasy fiction novels. In her words, she’s “super close to finishing her current novel” and has been for the last three years. Allison likes to hike, play softball and play rugby. She’s also a serial skills collector, meaning she sees something and wants to do it. Her list of skills boasts many things from modern calligraphy to target shooting (real guns and Big Buck Hunter – take your pick).


+I’m not a lawyer, but I’m close to it.