Litigation + Dispute Resolution Group

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group is committed to integrated advocacy.

We firmly believe that pursuing litigation is one approach to resolving disputes, but it is not the only one. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and quasi-judicial proceedings. We tailor our strategy to our clients' specific needs and circumstances, providing advice that is both preventative and proactive. Our group works cohesively with each other, as well as with other practice groups across the firm, ensuring that every client of MT+Co. can benefit from our specialized perspectives and skillset.

You Choose Us.
We Choose You.

Our Litigation + Dispute Resolution Group is selective in the clients we represent. Like us, our clients are forward-thinking, innovative, and bold.  We are passionate about and relentless in advocating for you because we share the same values and believe in your causes. Our model allows us to transcend the typical lawyer-client relationship, achieving something more personal and meaningful.

What We Do

When we represent you, your goals become our goals. Whether your matter is at the stage of litigation or dispute resolution, we’re here to develop a strategy aimed at achieving your desired result.

Our Corporate and Commercial Litigation Team is comprised of experienced litigators who have worked on a variety of domestic and international disputes. Our team works tirelessly to solve complex business problems. We understand our clients' priorities, and tailor our approach to the circumstances—from disputes within ongoing business relationships to bet-the-farm litigation.

Corporate and commercial disputes are unfortunately common, and when they arise, we deliver results while minimizing impacts on our clients’ businesses.

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Our Promise to You

We formed our Litigation + Dispute Resolution Group to advocate for our clients when negotiations fail, agreements dissolve, just resolutions can only be reached through litigation, and when our clients have something we feel the courts need to hear.

We have the unique privilege of straddling the various areas of practice within our firm. Unlike some other firms where litigation is siloed from other practice groups, the legal teams at MT+Co. work together to support our clients in addressing issues and achieving complex goals. This means that we have the flexibility to structure our service offering in a way that aligns with the values of our clients.