Kristen brings to MT+Co. a wealth of customer service experience. A self-proclaimed Monica Geller (ahem), she lovingly welcomes guests in the office and keeps the office looking beautiful.

Why MT+Co.?

“I love the laid back atmosphere, the out of the box approach and the strong work ethic.  Flexibility, adaptability and a strong work team was what I was looking for and found it in MT+Co.  Your opinions are listened to and matter.  The feel you have when you walk into the office is amazing, warm and welcoming, the way I like my home to feel when people visit. It’s nice to go to work when it feels like home.”


Kristen started working in the legal field in 2002, taking a 7-year break to raise her kids.  She has been in customer service for years, doing everything from slinging espresso, to serving at a boutique hotel, to working at a music store and clothing store.  She can be put in any situation and enjoy it and she aims to give everyone the absolute best customer service experience.

Worth Noting

Kristen enjoys baking and cooking in her spare time with her kids and trying to perfect her recipes. She loves being outdoors and tries to get out at any excuse, to appreciate BC’s beauty.  Kristen grew up in Ontario and moved to BC to tree plant, wanting to do her part for the environment. In doing so, she fell in love with BC as soon as she stepped out of the airport and knew she could never go back East.

Kristen loves to travel in her spare time and loves far away exotic destinations.  She lived in Belize with her family for two years and enjoyed being on or in the water daily. Her family’s passion for the water still exists in Vancouver as they have lived on their boat for the past 11 years and can’t imagine it any other way.


+I’m not a lawyer, I just help run the place.