Business Transactions

Every one of our lawyers is a talented commercial lawyer. But this group focuses specifically on assisting clients with particularly complex transactions: acquisitions, divestitures, financings, partnerships and commercial deals. Our Business Transactions group is committed to bringing deals over the finish line efficiently, effectively and amicably.


Below is a list of some of the transactions our commercial lawyers have been involved in.


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquisition of gold interest in a mineral property ($310M)
  • Asset purchase of industrial facility ($130M)
  • Asset purchase of industrial facility ($125M)
  • Share purchase of 25% interest in ski hill operator ($116M)
  • Share purchase of industrial facility ($81M)
  • Share purchase of gold and silver interests in a mineral property ($60M)
  • Asset purchase of industrial facility ($47M)
  • Asset purchase of major idled industrial facility ($40M)
  • Asset sale of private post-secondary institution ($42.7M)
  • Asset purchase of major idled industrial facility  ($35M)
  • Share sale of software company ($30M)
  • Asset purchase of post-secondary institution $21M)
  • Share sale of industrial facility ($10M)
  • Acquisition of partnership interest in electricity generation facility ($10M)
  • Sale of multiple gas station/retail outlet locations ($8M)
  • Share purchase (50%) of industrial construction and maintenance company ($6M)
  • Share sale of boutique hotel ($6M)
  • Asset sale of rooftop solar project ($5.5M)
  • Reverse take over going public share exchange ($3M)

Corporate Finance

  • Major credit facility for forestry operator
  • Private placement and acquisition of royalty options ($190M)
  • Credit facility for development of clean power project ($170M)
  • Credit facility for debt refinancing and acquisition of timberlands ($42M)
  • Credit facility for real estate development ($21M)
  • Working capital credit facility ($6.5M)
  • Loan for investment in clean power project ($3M)
  • Loan for investment in industrial facility ($3M)
  • Refinancing of existing credit facility ($3M)
  • Real estate development refinancing ($1.5M)
  • Loan for investment in clean power project ($1.3M)
  • Establishment of commercial credit facilities for US corporation
  • Equity private placements for emerging companies

Business Structuring

  • Formed First Nation economic development group, create financial and governance policies, provide guidance on corporate best practices
  • Amalgamated acquisition company, target company and shareholder holdco to facilitate acquisition of industrial company
  • Established shareholder agreement between acquirer and senior management shareholders
  • Developed corporate structure for clean energy projects
  • Created limited partnership for existing media business to secure investment
  • Established on and off-reserve corporations for a First Nation and non-First Nation partners
  • Developed joint ventures between industry and First Nation (engineering, heavy hauling, camp services and EPC) regarding a large infrastructure project
  • Created partnership between timber engineering and marketing company
  • Reorganized partnership holdings for fluid containment manufacturer to enable senior employee participation

Contracts + Commercial Transactions

  • General and Limited Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Amalgamation agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Timber harvesting agreements
  • Wood fibre purchase and supply agreements
  • Trucking and barging agreements
  • Commercial leasing
  • Film production location agreements
  • Power purchase and interconnection agreements with public utilities
  • Heavy equipment purchase and leasing agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Share purchase warrants
  • Stock option plans and agreements

Labour and Employment

  • Employment and consulting agreements
  • Executive compensation plans and arrangements
  • Strategic advice re: business planning and reorganization, including acquisitions and sales
  • Labour relations advice and representation of unionized employers
  • Terminations and severance packages

To find out more about the Business Transaction group and how we can assist your business to achieve its goals, please contact one of our commercial lawyers: David Allardice, Jim Titerle, Brian Vick, Peter Eirikson or Tyson Lamarsh.