Why MT+Co.

We are a progressive law firm that believes that by changing the way law is traditionally practiced, we can provide better services to our clients. 

We continually strive to implement new ways of thinking, working and interacting with our clients. We are trailblazers in the legal business and want to remain so.

Our Roots

Since the firm’s inception in 2010, we have worked to transform the way a law firm operates. We first came together as experienced business and commercial lawyers with a shared vision of becoming the best and most approachable business law firm in Vancouver. We have since built a team of passionate leaders who are determined to change the way clients and lawyers work together.

We’re known for challenging the status quo and approaching the practice of law differently.

It can be intimidating to seek out a lawyer, and hard to find the right fit. At MT+Co., we work to ensure that you’re fully involved in the process and that you understand what is going on at all times. We pride ourselves on being transparent and building your trust so that you never feel overwhelmed, ignored, or taken advantage of.

We’re here because we believe in what we do, and we attract clients who are looking for a more personal and creative approach to solving their legal challenges.

What We Do

Our Business Advisory group supports clients with corporate transactions, governance, commercial arrangements, corporate reorganizations, and employment, litigation and intellectual property issues.

We can assist with your day-to-day legal challenges as well as with your plans for the future.

We thrive when it comes to solving difficult and complex issues and we provide you with sophisticated yet practical solutions.

The MT+Co. Difference

People are drawn to our law firm because we think differently.

But it’s our client experience that truly sets us apart. From the way we communicate to the way we work as a team, we are focused on one thing only – your interests and goals.

At the same time, we are committed to making each interaction with a client informative, engaging and enjoyable. Our smaller practice groups allow us to provide specialized advice, while being able to draw on the combined experience of our entire firm. We are more powerful as a collective than as a group of individuals – this allows us to examine issues from many different angles and consider all possible solutions before deciding which is best to help you attain your goals.

We want to become your trusted advisor, so you are comfortable contacting us whenever you want to talk about your legal and business concerns.

Talk to us about what we can do for you by contacting David Allardice.