One Client’s Story: Habanero Consulting

Miller Titerle + Company is known for working with innovative clients and encouraging entrepreneurship in the community. They not only get to shake up the law, they get to hang out with people who are doing the same thing in their respective industries–people like Steven Fitzgerald.

“We are open to the point of vulnerability,” remarks Steven, President of Habanero Consulting Group. Habanero is one of Canada’s premiere developers for employee, customer and member portals. They are also strategic advisors to their clients, so they know what it takes to be a good partner. “What drew us to Miller Titerle was their commitment to getting intimate with our business. They promised they would learn about our business and become our partner, acting more like a trusted advisor.”

More Than Just Transactions

When lawyer Chris Gora approached Habanero on behalf of MT+Co., he knew it had to be personal. “Habanero takes relationships very seriously. They spend a lot of their time thinking about how they can offer the best service possible to their clients and their employees,” comments Chris. “We echo them in the sense that we are trying to build a lasting legacy of services for our clients, and that involves being more strategic.”

The Business Advisory practice group focuses on both complex contracts and corporate reorganisation, helping their clients grow. They advise clients like Habanero on their vision for the future from a legal standpoint.

“The last law firm we worked with offered competent, expert service but they engaged with us in a transactional way,” remarks Steven. “I value being able to sit down with the guys here and have some open conversations. I often forget there is a set exchange of services for money because we benefit so much from the relationship itself.”

Habanero is very much about where they are going and what kind of company they will be in the future. They are creating products and services that will grow with their clients, and they are building an organisation that is super cohesive, where people feel engaged and connected to what they are doing.

“We are looking to build authentic connections; you don’t have relationships with organisations, you have relationships with people. It’s a very human thing,” says Steven. “We have dreams for what we want to do in the world 30 years from now, and it takes extra courage to talk about those big ideas because it involves a shift. It is nerve wracking exposing our deep down beliefs, but it is our vulnerability that will play a role in building authentic change.”

Providing Creative Solutions

MT+Co supports Habanero by helping them figure out how they can grow, scale and evolve through a legal lens, and Steven acknowledges the high level of trust and confidence he places in them. “They offer commercial creativity and ingenuity we can rely on,” says Steven. “They help us develop our business strategy for the future and we appreciate the entrepreneurial business horse power they have behind their legal horse power.”

“Miller Titerle is an admirable firm, doing great things. I see them on the pointy edge of big change in the legal industry,” comments Steven. “We are very interested in disruptive change, and I see this ultimately in firms like Miller Titerle and their engagement model. They are willing and able to provide value at different levels, upsetting traditional law firms. I can’t imagine why a company would want to work with a big firm. Miller Titerle has that entrepreneurial spirit.”

At the end of the day, a law firm shouldn’t be there to simply describe a set of options and the risks associated with each; they should discuss opportunity versus risk and weigh in with their opinion.

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Image courtesy of Habanero Consulting Group.